Tuesday, November 3, 2015

NYC Village Halloween Parade

This past weekend started off with a bang at the 42nd annual Village Halloween Parade.
Costumed in a shamanic Personal Beasties outfit...

Rafiqi, from the Lion King
we pedi-cabbed along the Halloween Parade route with our young VIP charges in tow,
 escorting the Sing Along float

 up the one mile parade route
where approximately 60,000 costumed revelers;


...to booming loud speakers. 

Celebrating all that is:

BEASTIAL (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist
CARNAL (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist

GROTESQUE, (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist 
RAUNCHY (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist 
and POLITICALLY CHARGED (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist 
...along the 6th avenue parade route. (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist
The NYPD were in stellar form (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist

...and given the celebratory nature, high spirits, relative calm and pleasant weather of the evening, there was not much to intervene with during the parade :)