Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TCSY NYC Marathon

The NYC Village Halloween Parade certainly was peaceful, but the morning after was another story...

We lost an hour, which I feel brings out the grumpy Beastie in most of us!
 (Photo Credits Scott Lynch / Gothamist
Plus, there is the ever present tension to contend with that the TCSY NYC Marathon brings with it. Forever casting the NYPD as the bad guys who block our weekend routes to spiritual services, cafes and brunch with closed off street barricades.

Though the NYPD worked hard to maintain good spirits, my block in Harlem is always weary of the annual territorial police take-over.
Very early in the morning, the NYPD were positioned at their posts.

Today's Personal Beasties Conscious Intervention plan was to reinforce to both competing runners
and the NYPD officers working the event alike, the benefits of taking a few deep breaths!
To my delight, a couple of female officers responded very well to our "Breathe in..." sign.
  • PB: "Here (handing them a download card), try our Personal Beasties Breathing app, it can help develop relaxation techniques you can use on the job."
  • Female Officer 1: "Oh! We can sure use that."
  • Female Officer 2: Laughing.... "Oh Yeah!"
  • PB: "Can you take our picture together?"
  • Female Officer 1: "Sure!"
Awesome, maybe this is our way in, through NYPD female officers...presenting deep breathing techniques as a way to tap in and strengthen their higher self, their compassion and patience?

As very fit and well trained runners jogged past us at good speed.
Varying degrees of joy and petty tensions oscillated.
By days end weariness was evident as runners now walked past.
But it's not over till the mobile NYPD PA blares "The NYC Marathon is officially over..."

Until next year that is  >:-)