Friday, September 21, 2018

On July 30, 2018 Personal Beasties presented our Personal Beasties Breathing iOS application to preteen students at TechKids Unlimited, in Brooklyn, NY.

Curriculum/Discussion topics:
  • What is a Personal Beastie?
  • Feelings and triggers that can make a Personal Beasties grow larger and larger
  • Video example on our website that demonstrates how too much screen time can stimulate our Personal Beasties
  • How and why the iOS mobile application was made 
  • What inspired the design of the Personal Beasties characters 
Then we asked the TechKids to customize or create their own Personal Beasties and explain to us what feeling their drawing illustrated.

Key Take-away:
What we learned from this tech savvy special needs students on the autism spectrum, is that the one minute deep breathing exercise we did together helped them relax and reset as a mid-day break.

Specifically, several TechKids asked that we develop functionality within the mobile app so that they could design their own Personal Beastie to meditate with.